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Welcome to the Network Inclusion Frankfurt!
What do we wish for when looking at our future society, of which we are part?
No matter how you personally answer that question, the position and attitude of each individual person will determine the society we live in.
It is so colourful and we can all help create it!
At Network Inclusion Frankfurt we are seeking ways to get the most out of the existing variety of options, to create equal opportunities and to find solutions when one is told, that’s not possible. We want to encourage people to not just look at perceived deficiencies, but to find out what can be done and accomplished for each individual - not a very German approach, we agree :-) 
When is comes to inclusion there is still a lot of work ahead of us.
The Network Inclusion Frankfurt consists of parents, teachers, educationalists as well as social institution workers, who stand up for inclusive education and an inclusive school system and who are not prepared to accept worsening conditions and the cutting of funds as practiced by the current national government.
Since our first meeting in December 2011 we work for the network inclusion for Frankfurt and we have chosen the name of our website accordingly. In 2012 we organised a demonstration in the city center of Frankfurt with public speakers and music provided by the band “blind foundation”.
The Hessen state elections this year could also prove very interesting for the cause of inclusion.
Please browse our network website and feel free to contact us via our contact page, should you have comments, questions, or any other information on relevant links, events etc. you would like to share. Want to take part in our next meeting? We look forward to seeing you there! The next meeting is listed under events/Termine Veranstaltungen.
Thank you for visiting our website!

What is inclusion?
Learning to fly - together! 
This is what inclusion is about: equal participation for all in social life. For each person of every age, irrespective of background or religion, culture or handicap, right from the start.
Our current focus at the NIF is on inclusion at schools, because this is where we see the main resistance. Inclusive education values the diversity in the educational systems and respects differences as a normal condition. It is considered a goal with positive consequences for the entire society.
Slogans such as “It is normal to be different”, “Diversity makes us strong”, or “ Each child is special” mean that inclusion goes far beyond equality of opportunity for people with special needs.
  • Inclusion does not separate children, but teaches them together close to home.
  • Inclusion concerns us all, because inclusion means high quality education and equal opportunities for all children - highly talented children, children with “normal” intelligence, children with weaknesses in their reading, writing or mathematical abilities, children who suffer social disadvantages, children with or without physical disabilities...
  • Inclusion means to encourage and support each individual child, to perceive their strengths 
  • Inclusion means to be different together and to be strong


Let’s make it better together!


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